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'I would recommend Erika to anyone who wants to start making Yoga a more meaningful and enriching experience, with the help of a caring and knowledgeable practitioner.'



'Having high anxiety, burnout and CFS, I personally found yoga classes overwhelming and thankfully I met Erika.

Each session Erika taught me a variety of breathing practices, meditations and gentle movements to settle my mind and body – a toolkit I continue to use away from sessions depending on my needs for the day.

Erika always listened to how I was feeling and knew how to tailor each session according to what I could handle both emotionally and physically.  She was always reassuring and adjusted each practice to ensure my comfort. Sessions really felt like a mini time out for me and I always left far more relaxed than when I arrived.

Erika is a beautiful, gentle soul.  She has a wealth of knowledge and provides a safe, calming environment.  After working with her for 2 years, I highly recommend her Yoga Therapy Sessions.'


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Video Interview with Dr Shamistra Barathan:
What is Yoga Therapy?
Mindfulness Spot Meditation - Change with Yoga
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