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When you attend one of our courses, classes or workshops, you can expect a combination of breath work, posture, meditation, concentration and self-inquiry all weaved together with some yogic philosophy. These techniques help to increase strength and flexibility, improve overall functioning of the internal organs and other systems the body, as well as bringing a lightness of attitude to both yourself and your practice.  Yoga helps to enhance the connection between body and mind by cultivating awareness and mindfulness through our thoughts, words and actions.

Here at Change with Yoga we take the time to tailor make a session to suit your needs.  We are able to create a session for any group or individual and can include hatha/vinyasa, yin, trauma sensitive yoga, laughter yoga or even a combination.  Whether you want a  session to bond with some work colleagues or friends, want to build your confidence before going to general classes or just want to really refine your practice, we have something for everyone.  Please contact us to discuss your needs and options.

​​Classes start from $150 per hour​​​ depending on student numbers location and props required.​​​​

On-going sessions can be booked in 6, 8 or 10 week blocks and payment is required upfront to secure your bookings.

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Do you need some private yoga sessions? 

Are you wanting to deepen your practice but don't know how? Can't get to regular classes? We can come to you.


Wanting to boost the staff morale?
Look no further! Give the gift of yoga

Keep your staff feeling refreshed and motivated by giving them the gift of yoga! Our corporate yoga classes are designed to deliver the following.

  • Stress management

  • Improve physical, mental and emotional health 

  • Build self confidence, improve productivity and clarity of mind

  • Improve group dynamics

Note: If you're recovering from an injury or illness it might be a good idea to explore some yoga therapy sessions. To learn how this can help you, check out the Yoga Therapy page.

"From little things, big things grow"

Paul Kelly

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Sometimes we can take our lives and ourselves way too seriously.  In practicing Laughter Yoga we have full permission to laugh for no reason.  The laughter in these sessions starts as a physical practice that soon shifts to an internal practice, altering our attitude and allowing us to connect to our inner joy. These sessions are based on the teachings of Dr Madan Kataria but we have thrown in some more traditional yogic techniques to help free up the body from any tension. This way we can really shake off the residue from our day, week, year etc and really sit in the joy of this moment and laugh more freely!

"One hour of laughter equals one hour of life"

Yoga.....just for laughs

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Why is it called Yoga?
We call it yoga because of the use of pranayama (breath work).  Many of you yogis out there will really notice the similarities between particular pranayama techniques and laughter.  Both provide the body with the same physiological benefits.

What is involved in a Laughter Yoga Session?
The first thing you need to know about Laughter Yoga is that you don't need to be funny to participate, but rather just have a willingness to have fun.  In our western world we seem to have been taught that there needs to be a reason in order to laugh, but Laughter Yoga tells us otherwise. Anyone can laugh, even if we don't always feel like it!  Our Laughter Yoga sessions involve asana (posture), pranayama (breath work), chanting, creative laughter techniques, play, visulisation and meditation.

What are the benefits of Laughter Yoga?

  • Laughter releases endorphins enhancing the 'feel good factor'.

  • Stimulates the immune system to work more efficiently

  • Improves circulation and respiration and can help to tone muscles(particularly if you have a good belly laugh)!

  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system

  • Releases general stress and tension

  • Reduces feelings of fear and anxiety

  • Builds confidence and self esteem

  • Great for cultivating a playfulness and is  whole lot of FUN!


"Through humour, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. Once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it!"
Lewes Carroll

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