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What is Yoga Therapy?

What are clients saying about their Yoga Therapy experience?

Yoga Therapy is a modality that empowers and supports you to manage your own health.  It’s designed to assist you, the whole individual, as opposed to focusing solely on the injury, condition or illness that you might be presenting with.

Throughout our sessions together, we will work in a professional and therapeutic way to find the most effective method of treatment for you. This treatment might incorporate a number of principles or practices from the yogic traditions that may range from pranayama (breath work), asana (posture), meditation, diet suggestions, lifestyle counselling (within a yogic context) and self-development guidance. These are applied in a very therapeutic way with the aim of bringing balance to the body and mind. 


Tuesday 10:00-6:00pm

(other days/times available on request)


Yoga Therapy on Demand $50 (30 mins - online)


Initial $199 

(90 mins - online)

Follow Up $159

(60 mins online)

In Person $50 fee in addition to the above investment fee

Note: Sliding scale investments are available  - contact Erika to discuss


The Yoga Therapy Package

1. Initial treatment – In this session we will discuss the reason for Yoga Therapy, discuss your medical history as well as current lifestyle and diet etc.

The second part of this session involves a physical assessment.  We will look at the symptoms that are being presented for the yoga therapy session and observe any of the areas of the body that may be contributing to these symptoms. We will observe the range of motion in the presenting areas in order to decipher a suitable treatment plan.
Some techniques may be given to work with on the day.

It can be really challenging and confronting going through the initial session so if it's okay with you, I'll call you at a time that suite you to check in and see how you are.  A full yoga therapy program will be sent to you after each session, summarizing what we covered, with a clear outline of each practice, why we're including it in your program and how to practice it safely.


2. Yoga Therapy Program – Our second session is generally 7 - 10 days after the first appointment.  In this second session we will go through together a yoga treatment plan just for you!  This session is experimental as we work together to find modifications and variations that feel good for your body. We can create recordings (photograph, film or audio) of any of the practices that we explore, being physical postures, breathing techniques or meditations.  This is a great way of re-creating the practice from home so that you can practice in confidence.  This 

3. Review the Session - Our third session is generally one month after the second.  This gives time to explore the practices and have a chance to integrate them into your life.  In this session we will review the program to see if any changes have occurred for you.  We are then able to make modifications and variations to the practice so that it feels more suitable for your body. 



Further follow up or on-going sessions are also available

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Locations for Yoga Therapy Appointments

Hurstwood Clinic

Level 1, 16A Toorak Rd
  South Yarra, VIC 3141

(03) 9867 2900


No set availability

Please speak to Erika directly to negotiate an appointment time

0410 704 596


Kundalini House

391a St Georges Rd

North Fitzroy VIC 3068

(03) 9482 4325


No set availability

Please speak to Erika directly to negotiate an appointment time

0410 704 596