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What if I’ve never practiced yoga before? Can I still practice with you?

There is no experience required to practice in any of my sessions. I offer modifications and variations as we go along but I am a big advocate for participants practicing in a way that feels supportive for you, so you are so welcome to adjust the shape to suit what is going on in your body and/or to rest as often as you need to.


Are you offering online sessions?

Yes! I am offering both private and group sessions online. 


If I live in Melbourne, can I still practice with you even though you have moved to Brisbane?

You are so welcome to get in touch with me and we can discuss options for online sessions.  You can also check out the yoga page for upcoming online courses in yin yoga, hatha and/or trauma sensitive yoga.


I’m injured, can I still practice?

It might pay to check with your doctor to ensure that it is safe for you to practice. Once you get the okay from your doctor then we can chat about what the best option for you might be regarding a personalised yoga therapy program, private yoga session or group session.


I’m pregnant, can I come to one of your sessions?

Great question. You are very welcome to come along as I offer modifications and variations. I think because of the way I teach (trauma informed approach) there will be lots of opportunity to check in with how you feel and then you can make decisions on how you might want to move your body based on that. 

As long as you are past the first trimester then you’re totally welcome to join but it might pay for us to have a chat first to discuss your unique circumstances and perhaps explore some practices to modify. Some of these might come naturally to you anyway. Generally speaking, if you have had a yoga practice prior to pregnancy then you can attend general yoga sessions. If not, then prenatal classes might be best. The main reason for this is the building of body-mind connection and having the ability to recognise signals from your body i.e. resting when you need to. I hope that helps.


Do I have to have my camera on in an online session?

It’s really up to you, and you can always change your mind at any time.

If I miss an online session will it be recorded so I can practice at a later time?

TCTSY - No recordings for TCTSY

One element of the TCTSY model is shared authentic experience and what we've found in the past is that by recording the sessions reduces the overall attendance of the course. From previous experiences this has influenced the effectiveness of this element of the model.

YIN & Hatha - These sessions can be recorded on request and only the facilitator will be recorded to protect the privacy of attendees. These recordings are to be used for personal use only and are not permitted for redistribution in any way. 


Will there be music on in the session?

In general classes I will sometimes play music.  In any trauma sensitive yoga or TCTSY session I won’t have any music on.


Where are you located?

We are currently  based in Naarm (Melbourne) and from February 2022 will be located in Turrbal (Brisbane). Sessions will be available predominantly online, and in person where possible.



Will I have to talk about my trauma? 

Prior to the first session I will send out an intake form. This is a part of the screening process to see how suitable you are for the program. I won’t ask you questions specifically about your trauma but more so about how it affects you in generally day to day living. You’re welcome to fill in as much or as little of the form as you like and if you would prefer to have a conversation over the phone instead, we can organise that.


Will I have to speak in front of the group?

Throughout the course either in person or online, I offer 10-15 minutes before and after each session for questions, comments, or feedback. If you’re online, you can write a comment in the chat box if you’d prefer, either a public message or private message (so no one else will see your name). You can also email me in-between sessions if that’s easier.


Can I have my camera off?

Absolutely. It’s your choice if your camera is on or off.


What if I can’t do the practice?

You are welcome to engage in the practice in a way that suits you. I’ll offer some different variations that you might like to explore but you can also make the shapes your own, adjusting it to what might be going on in your body. You are also very welcome to come in and out of the practice 


Is this a gender specific group?

Here at Change with Yoga we pride ourselves on welcoming all people to attend these groups. If you feel uncomfortable with mixed groups please do get in touch and we can discuss some options.


What if I am not working or hove a low income? Do you offer reduced rates?

Yes, I offer tiered investment options for this course, full & concession rates, as well as partially and fully subsidised places. Please get in touch to reserve your place.


Can I claim these sessions through NDIS, Work Cover or VOCAT?

Yes, you can indeed. I have many clients who have claimed under these. Please do get in touch so that we can discuss your unique needs. 


Yoga Therapy

How many sessions will I need to attend?

Everyone is really unique in their needs but generally I’ve found that 3 sessions are useful in creating a good start for building familiarity with your program, as well as integrating the practices into your daily living and routine.


How long do the sessions go for? What are the different pathways?

Pathway 1

  • Yoga Therapy on Demand (30 minutes online)

  • 3x Follow Up (60 minutes – online or in person)


Pathway 2

  • Initial Yoga Therapy (90 minutes – online or in person)

  • 2x Follow Up (60 minutes – online or in person)

How spaced out are the sessions?

Generally, I have found that the most people get the most out of their sessions when the first 2 sessions are about 7-10 days apart and follow up sessions are between 2-5 weeks later.  Of course, this might depend on your unique circumstances.


What does each session involve?

Yoga Therapy on Demand - 30 minute online session based on one theme where we come up with a couple of practices to support you. No program or resources are sent through so clients usually take their own notes.

Initial Session - a detailed assessment is made, this includes asking you questions about how you live your life, and how you feel physically, emotionally and energetically as well. We’ll also include a physical assessment where needed. We’ll then get clear on what you want to focus on and then explore some practices together. A written program along with any supporting resources (video’s, voice recordings, images, diagrams etc.) will be sent to you within 3 working days prior to your session. 

Follow up Session - we will usually use a self-assessment tool to highlight any areas that might have changed or need attention. We then review your program so far and make any changes if need be. We then may add to what we have already got. A reviewed program will be sent through to you along with any additional resources to support you in your practice.

Private Yoga

Can I book in regular sessions?

Yes you can. I have weekly, fortnightly and monthly places available.


How long do these sessions go for?

Private sessions usually go for 1 hour although 30 minute and 90 minute sessions are also available. 


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