The Art of Self Care

13-15th November 2020

As we enter into the ‘silly season’ and move towards the end of the year, life can get pretty hectic.  For many of us life begins to speed up and our schedules get even more jam packed! The end of the year can also be a challenging and sometimes triggering time for many people, and it becomes even more important to take good care of ourselves.
This 2 day retreat is the perfect opportunity to create a pause, to observe how we really are, and to tend to our needs.  Within this retreat we will explore meditation practices to build body/mind awareness, hatha/slow flow yoga will be practiced in the mornings to tap into our inner strength and to find focus, followed by nourishing yin yoga in the afternoon to balance energy.  We’ll also take some time out to explore practices that we can integrate into daily life to help promote harmony and self- care.  Expect some deep relaxation practices to be thrown into the mix to bring even more support for our system in those times when we really need it the most.


Clearview Retreat 
404 Fairview Rd, Kerrisdale VIC 3660

$ 450 per person:

yoga tuition

all meals

sharing bedroom

(2 or 3 people in a room)

$ 515 per person:

yoga tuition  

all meals  

one person to a bedroom

(03) 5797 0229
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If you love yoga, live & breath yoga or just want to learn more about it, these articles are for you.  These articles have been written by Erika Newberry the founder of Change With Yoga, yoga therapist, trauma sensitive yoga  and laughter yoga facilitator. These articles were written for the Kundalini House, Yoga Studio & Natural Health Clinic blog.




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